Croatian Winemakers: Siber Winery - Decanter Awards for Passion Invested in Wine Production

By , 06 Nov 2017, 17:38 PM Croatian Wine Producers
Croatian Winemakers: Siber Winery - Decanter Awards for Passion Invested in Wine Production Source: Vina Siber

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The Erdut wine region with the Dalj Mountain, a truly unique peninsula on the Danube, is increasingly more interesting to wine lovers due to small winemakers and their excellent wines

The Siber winery, owned by Dušica nad Mladen Siber, both retired dentists, is a true positive example of a small winery which produces annually around 20 thousand bottles of excellent and rewarded wines. This winery is also known as the first in Erdut to have produced a sparkling wine, while also combining wine and art in a lovely way, Glas Slavonije published on November 4, 2017.

The Sibers produce wine on their own ten hectares of vineyards on the southern slope of the Erdut mountain. They still sell a large portion of their grapes, turning some of it into wine in their own cellar. Most of the vineyards are cultivated with Cabernet Sauvignon, with Sauvignon Blanc and Yellow Muscat as well. As a result of great love and passion with which the Sibers approach the vineyard and wines, their cellar creates excellent products. The best proof of that are awards the winery can boast of.

The Cabernet Sauvignon has multiple awards. In 2010 at the Vinovita fair in Zagreb, the 2007 wine won gold. The one form 2009 was also golden at the wine fair in Belgrade, while the one from 2011 took bronze at the 2017 Decanter tasting. This year at Decanter a silver medal went to their Yellow Muscat from 2015. We should add that the Sauvignon Blanc from 2009 won another gold at the wine fair in Sarajevo.

They produced their first sparkling wine from rose in 2006. In the past years they also made one from Sauvignon. At this moment a sparkling from the 2017 rose is on yeasts in the cellar.

Most of their wines are sold on the domestic market of Slavonia, while some of them can be found in restaurants in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Many details point to a close bond of wine production and various art forms with the Sibers. Back in 2010 the winery received an award for the label of the Cabernet Sauvignon. The label creator is Mirta Bogdanić, and the motif is a painting by Boris Ivandić. Ivandić is also responsible for the labels of the sparkling wines. There are also interesting details on the winery, where terracotta pigeons were painted by Branko Marić, and there are also terracotta works by academic sculptor Marinko Sušac. The vineyard will soon boast a wind sculpture made by sculpture students from Zagreb. Mladen Siber is also proud of the rose label – Thonet chair with a women’s pink overalls draped over it – the work of designer Sabina Ostojić.

Translated from Glas Slavonije.

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