Grasecco and Francesca – Croatian Response to Prosecco

By , 30 Sep 2018, 09:29 AM News

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Feravino presents new products.

The distinguished Croatian wine house Feravino has decided to offer to the market a kind of Croatian response to Prosecco, which is becoming more and more popular both in Croatia and abroad. Under the name of Grassecco and Francesca, the modern, elegant and refreshing sparkling wines were presented last night in great style at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.


These sparkling wines are a 100% Croatian product and for the time being, they are the only Croatian sparkling wines which are produced from harvest to filling the bottles at the Feravino’ cellars in Feričanci. Although they have only just appeared in the market, they have already won over numerous fans of sparkling wines and refreshing cocktails. They are an excellent base for popular cocktails, and the bartender team from Art of Bar has already created two original cocktails – Miss from Francesca and Brko from Grasseco, which particularly delighted the female guests at the Croatian National Theatre.

Ivan Ergovic

In addition to the sparkling wines and attractive signature cocktails, the event also featured traditional Slavonian delicacies in the finger food version.

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“The new sparkling wines are the first time that we are using in our cellars the charmat production method, typical for the production of Italian Prosecco. We are extremely pleased with the market reaction. Since spring, when they appeared on the market, Grasecco, which is made 100% from Graševina, and Francesca, made 100% percent from Frankovka, have become some of our most sought-after products,” said Luka Vrga, a member of the management board of Osilovac, which is Feravino’s parent company.

Luka Vrga

Unique Grasecco is produced in two categories – brut and extra brut. Both Graseccos are of delicate greenish colour, with fruity smells of green apples combined with icy freshness and pleasantness of almond bitterness of Graševina. Francesca is of a delicate pink colour, with a subtle scent of ripe pomegranate and a rich long-lasting taste dominated by strawberries and raspberries.

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Ivan Ergović, CEO of the Nexe Group, said he was delighted with the new sparkling wines, which have particularly won over younger customers. An excellent team of oenologists has gathered in Feričanci, headed by a young woman, winemaker Antonija Čeme, and the oenologist Matjaž Lemut.


The label is modern, trendy and hipster, designed by the well-known Croatian designer Miran Tomičić, creative director of the Octopus Ink brand design agency. “The label has been inspired by our consumers, they are reflected in it. The idea was to create a contemporary, playful, youthful brand based on the local approach and tradition. Consumers today do not want just a product, they are looking for something more – they are looking for a story. They do not just use a brand, but they follow it, listen to it and talk to it. They care about the rationale for the brand and its visual identity,” said Tomičić.

To the Croatian answer to Prosecco, we wish a lot of luck and lots of bubbles sold.

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