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25 Jun 2017, 17:55 PM

The jury included, with the permanent trio Vitomir Andrić, Ivo Kozarčanin and Željko Suhadolnik, sommeliers Tihomir Purišić and Jelena Šimić Valentić, form wine traders Tomislav Jurjević, and Ivan Dropuljić, director of the international festival of wine and cuisine Zagreb

17 Jun 2017, 21:49 PM

Sangreal by Bibich outperforms Venje by Enjingi

16 Jun 2017, 10:41 AM

Competing were also Pinot Gris 2015, Sauvignon and Malvazija 2016

15 Jun 2017, 09:12 AM

Rak, Babić

14 Jun 2017, 14:52 PM

Ilok Cellars have not focused on Chardonnay before

12 Jun 2017, 22:24 PM

This sacrilegious approach in Croatian winemaking may not have been seen before, if it wasn’t for an entire line of south Croatian winemakers attempting to produce sparklings

09 Jun 2017, 10:50 AM

A slightly different management of wood, would make these good wines excellent

06 Jun 2017, 14:43 PM

The Zagorje region does have some wines to be proud of

25 May 2017, 15:55 PM

This is an orange Malvazija in only two experimental barrels which creates an unexpected persistence on the palate

24 May 2017, 20:27 PM

This cuvee simply belongs to the highest order of wines

18 May 2017, 19:27 PM

Meneghetti Red 2011 belongs among the best red wines currently available in Croatia

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