10 May 2017, 12:56 PM

Although we’ve written about around 30 Croatian indigenous wine varieties on our site, there are many more, as it is estimated that there are over 130 indigenous varieties in Croatia.

05 Apr 2017, 18:43 PM

As we have written about the indigenous and abundant wine varieties in Croatian vineyards, we realized that we should make a briefer guide, with key information in one place, to help you understand Croatian wine varieties better.

09 Mar 2017, 15:15 PM

Possibly its last vine was found in Krapina, next to the birth home of Ljudevit Gaj

23 Dec 2016, 18:37 PM

Grk is a close relative to Tribidrag, a parent of Plavac Mali

10 Dec 2016, 17:05 PM

The variety has all preconditions to be the red queen of Continental Croatia, even Istria, where it has been planted for over a 100 years under the name Borgonja

29 Nov 2016, 21:42 PM

Almost every Croatian town will have some version of celebrating Advent in December. And in every single one of those venues you will have the opportunity of drinking mulled wine - kuhano vino, as we call it.

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