13 May 2017, 21:45 PM

Malešnica is a neighbourhood on the western side of the city of Zagreb, a suburb that used to be a workers’ neighbourhood, with few places to go out and have fun – most people would just go to the centre for that.

04 May 2017, 22:06 PM

In the recent years, many wine bars have opened in Zagreb, many of them got quite popular with the wine-lovers and people in Zagreb wanting to have a pleasant night out.

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There has been an explosion of wine bars all over Croatia in recent years, an exciting new trend in both tourism and a new outlet for local entertainment. The city of Split, for example, had no wine bars just four years ago, and it seems that now there is a new one opening every month. It has added another dimension to tourism and nightlife in general. 

It has also been an extremely interest outlet for local wine producers to present their wines to international customers, where perhaps previously they were not in a position to do so. Tourists in general tend to know little about Croatian wine, with its unpronounceable names and unfamiliar varieties. 

Some winebars focus exclusively on local Croatian varieties, while others have more of an international selection. As with all things Croatian wine related, there is plenty of choice!

Above you can find a map of the winebars of Croatia with contact details. We will be adding information about each of them in due course, and a link to those articles will appear in the details of the individual winebar in the map. If there is a winebar missing or some inaccurate information, please contact us on [email protected] and we will fix immediately.

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