Wine of the Week: Sangreal Merlot 2013 by Alen Bibich

By , 17 Jun 2017, 21:49 PM Bottle Reviews

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Sangreal by Bibich outperforms Venje by Enjingi

Rich, complex, juicy and full wine is the Sangreal Merlot by Alen Bibich from Plastovo near Skradin. Wine Stars reviewers gave it four stars and Wine of the Week title. In the online wine shop Vino-hr, a bottle costs 239,90 kunas.

Three stars went to Venje Red Late Harvest 2006 by Ivan Enjingi from Vetovo near Kutjevo. A mixture of Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Frankovka, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot carries the name of the wine growing position. Despite its ripe years, it has a very lively colour, with acids and unfermented sugars blending well. A bottle costs 80 kuna in Vrutak.

Competing were also Livija 2016 by the Prović family from Opuzen (this wine from the Zlatarica variety costs 45 kuna in the winery), and the Riesling 2016 by the Plešivica family Jagunić (44 kuna in the winery).

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