Croatian Wine Tours: Wine Tour of Kaštela

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The Ancestral Home of Zinfandel - Discover the roots of Zinfandel in the hillside of Split

The lovers of Zinfandel will cherish this journey to its ancestral lands, tasting the wines made of its European equivalent grapes! Long believed to be an authentic American sort, after a recent DNA analysis, Zin was irrefutably related to its Croatian origins, more precisely, the Crljenak Kaštelanski grape, which is now undergoing somewhat of a renaissance, thanks to his American relative!

This tour takes you into two very local, although relatively new, wine cellars. Bedalov is a family winery, which also features a small pensione. The place feels very homey and relaxed, bringing an authentic Dalmatian atmosphere to the table, coupled with three sorts of wine that they produce, Crljenak Kaštelanski (Zinfandel), Plavac mali and Maraština, and some local snacks, like olives and homemade olive oil. Your next stop is Babe wine cellar, near Trogir, to try Crljenak Kaštelanski, Merlot and Cuvée. Given the spectacular location of the winery, with breath-taking panoramas of Čiovo island and Marjan hill, Babe is the place to take a walk through the vineyards and enjoy nature, while learning about all hard labour that goes into a bottle of wine.

To make this tour complete, if you please, unique wine-paired lunch of local specialties can be organized at either cellar.

Seven Kaštela

All lined up along the picturesque bay of Kaštela, this continuous streak of seven villages, called Kaštela, has really made the best of each of the different times it existed in. Inhabited since the prehistoric times, Kaštela were once a Greek port, then a transit area for Roman veterans and place of leisure for Roman patricians, then a summer residence for Croatian kings, and as of recently, one of Croatian’s Game of Thrones sets! But it is actually during the Turkish invasions that they got their current form - and name – 7 forts, each as a centrepiece of one Kaštela village! With a population of almost 40,000 people, and a convenient location between Split and Trogir, Kaštela are at the moment a piece of heaven for sun and sea lovers, steadily growing towards becoming the Zinfandel lover’s homeport.

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