Croatian Wine Tours: Vugava of Vis

By , 15 Aug 2016, 08:29 AM Croatian Wine Tourism

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Vis has been a mythical island of the Croatian coast ever since the dawn of civilization. Occupied by the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, fought for between the British and Napoleon, military fortress of Yugoslavia... it has been a crossroad of cultures and influences for well over 3000 years! However all of the invaders shared one fascination: they all loved the wines of Vis.

The ancient Greek writer Agatarhid declared: Wine from Vis, in comparison to every other wine, is better! Today you can decide for yourself if this ancient proclamation is still valid while visiting the Lipanovic and Roki’s wine cellars. Vugava and Mali Plavac are the island’s best known wine sorts although several others are grown but in very small quantities. For many years Vis island was closed to the public due to its use as a Yugoslav military base which has left over many underground & secret tunnels that were once used by the military only. In one such tunnel you will find the Lipanovic family wine cellar where you will taste their selected Vugava, Plavac Mali and dessert wine Prosek. Leaving Lipanovic we ascend to the hills of this beautiful Mediterranean paradise to enjoy the view of the ancient vineyards and to reach the Roki’s estate to taste their interpretation of local wine varieties.

No foodie experience of Vis is complete without enjoying the classic Dalmatian peka lunch and your hosts at Roki's are masters of preparing a very unique octopus peka meal! More classic options like veal or lamb are available as well.

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