Croatian Wine Tours: Guided Tours by Master of Wine Jo Ahearne

By , 15 Aug 2016, 09:07 AM Croatian Wine Tourism

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The perfect combination of sun and wine infuses each Hvar experience. Discover Croatia’s sunniest island, its longstanding wine tradition and diverse terroirs in the company of Jo Ahearne, world-acclaimed oenologist and a Master of Wine, the industry’s highest professional title. She found Hvar so impressive wine-wise that she recently upgraded her lifestyle to include a part of the year in Hvar, where she makes her own wine.

Jo Ahearne’s wine background spans over twenty years and many different positions held at both global brands and iconic wineries. The former Head wine buyer for the Harrods and wine-maker at Marks’n’Spencer, Jacobs Creek and Charles Menton Wines, Jo also judges at international wine competitions, including the Decanter World Wine Awards. Jo brings to the table both her local Hvar experiences and diverse global parallels, painting a comprehensive overview of the international wine scene through local examples.

Your journey leads to Jelsa, a charming, relaxed bay town and home of Ivo Duboković, Croatia’s remarkable garage winemaker. In addition to discussing the art of winemaking here, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the mechanics of wine market positioning, as Ivo determinedly uses word-of-mouth as his exclusive marketing strategy.

After visiting Duboković, drive shortly to meet Teo Huljić. Particularly interested in revitalizing some of the many authentic Hvar grape sorts, Teo innovates and experiments, creating a small collection of wines which compliment his dishes perfectly. Get inspired by his enthusiasm while indulging in the rustic setting of his home and fresh, local delicacies, accompanied by several of his stellar wines.
This half-day tour can take place at any time of day, but is best at late afternoon hours, as the sunset adds a special glow to your Hvar experience. Jo is also available for tailored full-day tours of Hvar and also multi-day wine tours in the region, designed to your interests.

JO AHEARNE: Looking to return to Europe after 10 years in Australia, one chance invite later, Jo Ahearne found herself infatuated with Dalmatia, both its landscapes and potent, full bodied reds. The invite was to the Dalmatian Wine Expo in Split, which also marked the beginning of her beautiful friendship with Hvar’s renowned winemaker Andro Tomić, who assisted her wholeheartedly in starting her production in Hvar. Sourcing grapes from Kolumbić family in Sv. Nedilja, Jo Ahearne chose Hvar’s authentic red sort Darkenuša for her first vintage. Her rose Rosina debuted in March 2016 in Pink Day in Zagreb, and despite the fact it was still tank samples and not the finished product, it marked a beginning of a new era of Croatian wines – the one involving Masters of Wine!

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