Wine Bars in Croatia: Tanin in Vodice

By , 03 Dec 2016, 13:21 PM Winebars

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Tanin wine bar & kitchen is one of the very few wine-bars in the region around the tourist centre of Vodice. Vodice are a lovely and lively Dalmatian town, extremely touristy during the summer but not as sleepy as many other places are during the so-called non-tourist season. That is probably one of the reasons why Karlo Popović, Zagreb entrepreneur, whose family is from this neck of woods, chose to open his wine bar in Vodice.

First thing you’ll notice about this wine bar is the location (one of the nicest views of the Vodice marina, which you’ll surely enjoy if you’re into that sort of thing) and the wonderful design of the bar, which makes the terrace feel almost as if you’re sitting at the bar (and, yes, there are pršut’s hanging from the ceiling, which is almost always a good sign). They offer five types of pršut, all of them protected by the EU, namely: Dalmatian, Drniš, Istrian, pršut from Krk and pršut made from the Slavonian black pig, all of them 18 months old (or more), to give it that special taste. Along with them you can pick from one of five best-known kinds of Croatian cheese. If an appetizer is not what you came here for, you can have a steak – they dry-age the meat themselves, of slowly cooked pork ribs, tuna or some of the seasonally prepared meals, made with the ingredients that were available and at the highest quality at the time.

The wine list is not as large as in some of the bar we wrote about, but this one is carefully selected to represent the best of what Croatian wine scene has to offer. They offer around 50 labels of wine, and around 20 of those are available by the glass at any point. And to show you that they are really trying to give you the overview of the best wine, not just locally (although they do have the local favourites very well represented) but throughout Croatia, here’s a snapshot of what they have: debit (Bibich), maraština (Sladić), malvazija (Deklić), zeleni silvanac (Kolarić), žlahtina (Pavlomir), plavina (Sladić), plavac (Miloš), rose teran (Deklić) etc. The prices of wine by the glass are very reasonable, so you can afford to taste different wines with your meal, or on your night out.


Wine Bar Tanin

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