Wine Bars in Croatia: Wine Bar – Restaurant Stephanie in Opatija

By , 09 Jan 2017, 21:06 PM Winebars

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Opatija is one of the places in Croatia where the tourism started – in 1844 Villa Angiolina, the first accommodation in Opatija was open. So, the history of tourism and hospitality in Opatija is over 170 years long, but the town near Rijeka has not had many wine bars in that history. Hotel Imperial is, however, one of the key points in Opatija, since it is the second oldest hotel in Opatija and it is located in the dead centre of the town. The bar in the hotel, Kavana Imperijal has been one of the favourite places for a night out in the town for decades. So, locals and tourists alike noticed when the bar was rebranded as Wine Bar – Restaurant Stephanie. And they also noticed that it was a well-known winemaking name in Croatia whose company now runs the bar, although maybe not one arriving from the neighbourhood. It’s the Josić family from Baranja who have taken over the bar, turned it into the wine bar and restaurant, and run it these days (along with the casino which is adjacent to the bar).

One thing to notice about Stephanie is the working hours: 0-24, and another is the interior decoration of the bar, which is a piece of art of its own, making the ages-old hotel feel meet the modern New York restaurant, and making it work, as you feel welcome and comfortable there.

The wine list is, of course, based on the wines made by the Josić family, but they are not the only option for the wine-lover coming for a visit. They have a large selection of other wines, many of those local (or, we should say, from Istria), and others from other parts of Croatia. The list changes significantly, but you can rest assured that when you visit, you’ll have the chance to taste some of the best Baranja wines although on the north of the Croatian seaside, as well as the premium selection of wines from other Croatian winemaking regions. The prices are extremely affordable, and you will be able to get a glass of wine for as little as 10 kuna here!

Since it is a restaurant and a wine bar, Stephanie offers excellent food, one of the best tuna steaks (always very fresh tuna!) in Croatia, other types of fish, brilliantly cooked, best types of pršut from Istria, Dalmatia and Slavonia along with the great cheese and olives, around a dozen types of pizza created to go along the wine nicely and warm and cold salads they’re especially proud of. They also offer various types of beer, excellent coffee to help you wake up, cocktails and desserts.

Since the bar is in the centre of town and has been an integral part of Opatija’s tourist life, they have been participating in various events, such as the festival of chocolate, festival of coffee, and they organize wine presentations and music events in the evenings.


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